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Simara James is a mother of two, mindfulness coach and consultant, author, podcast host and flexible work expert looking to improve the lives of women across the globe by sharing tips to creating more balance and design a live that's full of fulfillment. 

Generating More Energy

Clever ways to create energy from within.

All my life I’ve thought of energy as a finite resource. Something we get only from the food we eat and then spend on the activities we engage in throughout the day.

I never could quite wrap my head around why when I was on vacation with my family, I had almost boundless energy. No problems being attentive and active and all while eating less food. In contrast, when I was in an office environment, time seemed to creep by and I could barely make it to the end of the day without high doses of caffeine.

I recently attended a Tony Robbins conference and my eyes were opened to a truth that changed my life. Energy can be created from within! We spent 4 days at peak energy states with almost no sleep listening to a seminar all because of the exercises we were taught that helped generate more energy instantly. Below is the general recipe used at the conference and that I was able to implement in my daily life since returning home to create more energy.

1. Engage in things we truly Enjoy

It's common knowledge that when we're engaged in things we love, time flies and we somehow have boundless energy. This one is pretty straightforward, but not easy. We all have a ton of things we have to do every day that we just don't see as fun. See my post on how to get more day out of your time for more details on how to overcome this obstacle.

2. Prime ourselves in order to have the energy to do things we don’t want to do

Tony Robbins has an exercise that he literally calls priming. You can find it on YouTube. It's a daily practice that he uses to generate energy for the entire day. There are so many variations on this technique and it doesn't just have to be done at the beginning of the day. It can be done throughout the day whenever we need a pick me up. Win Hof has a breathing technique that's similar, but a bit of a longer process, that has been proven to produce DMT and THC the chemicals produced using plant medicine. Talk about being high on your own supply.

Anyone who is able to maintain a positive attitude and success on a daily basis does some form of this priming which is essentially being proactive about changing mental and physical states. Come up with one that works for your schedule and temperament and use it daily.

3. Upgrade our food choices

We hear this one over and over again and it is absolutely easier said that done. That fact doesn't make it any less important. They key for me is to find recipes that other very creative people have come up with that marry healthy choices with ease or preparation and amazing flavor. My favorite cook book is this one. I'm super busy and have two small children, so they stuff just has to taste good. This book masters that as well as a balanced approach to health with the option to substitute for meatless meals in every recipe. Get it here.

4. Keep the body engaged in physical activity

Another one we hear and have a hard time implementing. Check out my article on how to work out as an incredibly busy person to see how I make sure to get in exercise on a regular basis with an impossible schedule. The main idea here is that it doesn't take much and it doesn't have to be done in any certain way. You can start with parking far out when you go to the store and bringing your running shoes to work so that you can walk for lunch. Consistency beats intensity every time.

Try these simple tips to see if you can generate more energy from within and let me know how they work for you in the Work-Life Balance Network on Facebook.

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