Simara James is a mother of two, certified law of attraction and  REBT coach, NLP Practitioner, author, podcast host and flexible work expert looking to improve the lives of people across the globe by sharing tips to creating more balance and design a life that's full of fulfillment. She's become a consistent creator using simple tools that work for busy people. 

Your power to create is limitless, You can regain control of your life and gain access to things you've only dreamed of.

What is Conscious Creation?

You are a natural born creator. Made in the image of the ultimate creator. All of your experiences are reflections of thousands of thoughts and beliefs running through your subconscious and conscious mind all day long. Even the way you are experiencing the people around you is a creation all your own. As a conscious creator, you understand and continuously work to master the ins and outs of your natural creative process. You learn to direct your thoughts in a way that brings the things you desire into your life. 

What is Conscious Creation Coaching?

My coaching method is simple. I've collected a myriad of proven tools that help transform mindset and belief systems by retraining automatic thought processes. I dig into my toolbox on a regular basis to get results in my own life. A coaching relationship is simply me assisting you in identifying blocks in belief systems and thought processes that are keeping you from realizing your goals and dreams. I then offer you powerful tools to remove those blocks and catapult yourself into more joyful and fulfilling experiences and successful manifestations. Using my training and personal experience in Law of Attraction coaching, REBT Mindset Coaching, and NLP techniques, I walk with you through the process of trial and error and challenge you to see things in ways you may never have considered to help you experience things you've never experienced. It's truly a privilege to do work that transforms lives. 

Who Can I Help?

I love helping anyone who has discovered that they have the ability to impact their experience through changing their mindset and is looking for accountability and someone who can help them strengthen their ability to make important changes in their lives. I especially love coming alongside those who are experiencing spiritual awakenings and are looking to connect with someone who can assist with navigating the process. I also love helping those who are experiencing some success with intentional manifesting and conscious creation, but are looking for more consistent results. 


Generating More Energy

Clever ways to create energy from within. All my life I’ve thought of energy as a finite resource. Something we get only from the food we eat and then spend on the activities we engage in throughout the day. I never could quite wrap my head around why when I was on vacation with my family, I had almost boundless energy. No problems being attentive and active and all while eating less food. In contrast, when I was in an office environment, time seemed to creep by and I could barely make it to the end of the day without high doses of caffeine. I recently attended a Tony Robbins conference and my eyes were opened to a truth that changed my life. Energy can be created from within! We spent 4 day

How to Meditate When You Can't Clear Your Mind

How an over thinker meditates by tricking her own mind into participating in meditation. For years I've wanted to be one of those people who effortlessly meditates. I could clearly see that one of the common denominators of people who are successful is their ability to meditate whether in prayer form or transcendental form. But I am a mind is constantly calculating and recalculating. I have never been more discouraged than when I spent an entire year trying to get into the habit of clearing my mind of all thoughts with no success and no consistency. Just the thought of meditation made me feel like a failure. Well, this year I decided to make meditation a top priority and change

How to Get More Day out of Your Time

My goal for all of my readers is to help you hack your life and experience more balance through mindfulness as well as practical adjustments, including more flexible work. In this post, I want to give you a few hacks that worked for me and have given me more hours in my day to achieve more without expending more energy. Yes, you read that title correctly. You can't get more time our of your day but you can get more day out of your time. Time is a finite resource. Every person in the world gets the same 24 hours per day, so how do some people turn those 24 hours into a life they love while others spend them plowing through drudgery only to find themselves at the start of a new day feeling as

17 R&B Songs that will Raise Your Consciousness

This mix of new and old school R&B songs will surely open that third eye, especially if you can read between the lines of the lyrics. 1. Sweet Life - Frank Ocean 2. Honey Dew - Lion Babe 3. On and On - Erykah Badu 4. Happy - Pharrell 5. 24 Carat Magic - Bruno Mars 6. Voila - N.E.R.D 7. Lightning Fire Magic Prayer - N.E.R.D....Just get the whole album... 8. Apple Tree Erykah Badu 9. Orange Moon Erykah Badu 10. Summer Soft Stevie Wonder 11. Saturn Stevie Wonder 12. September Earth Wind and Fire 13. In the Stone Earth Wind and Fire 14. Move on Up Curtis Mayfield 15. Vibration Sophia Black 16. Magic Amel Larrieaux 17. Off the Wall - Michael Jackson

How I Keep Fit as an Incredibly Busy Person

Learn my top 3 tips to incorporating fitness no matter how busy you are. The reason I share content with you all is because my mission is to help people find balance in all areas of their lives. Work is such a huge part of that and my main objective is to help my readers find flexibility in that area, but the other aspects of life are equally important, including fitness. You’re here because you’re busy and looking for ways to somehow get more packed into the hours you have each day. If you have feelings of overwhelm just thinking about implementing a workout habit, this content is for you. You CAN create space in your life for fitness. I used the three tips below to effortlessly incorporate

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