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My Story


I believe we must bring our whole self to the table if we want to thrive in today’s crazy world; our personality, our sense of humor, and most importantly, our heart. I believe that our purpose here on earth is to live full out and enjoy being powerful creators, understanding that our thoughts are things and they draw their content to us constantly and without exception. We are creators. All of these elements brought me to create Coaching Conscious Creators. I invite you to browse my site and learn about my practical toolkits that will help you manifest what you desire and transform your limiting beliefs. 

The most important key to creating anything you desire is to first visualize it, then emotionalize it, verbalize it, and follow your intuition to take small steps toward it's realization. I started to tell everyone around me while my daughter was still in the womb that by the time she reached kindergarten I would be dropping her off and picking her up from school. That was my why...that was what gave me the drive to become someone who crafted her own work schedule around life and not her life around her work schedule. Someone who didn't let being a single mom at 25 stop her from purchasing a home in a great neighborhood. Fast forward 10 years and I have managed, through visualizing and then creating my own flexible work schedules at fortune 500 companies like Lockheed, General Electric and the energy company I currently work for, to be the well-respected technical professional AND the PTA Mom, Girl Scout cookie mom, and Field Trip Chaperone. I've managed to break every limitation that I had in my mind and continuously manifest homes, cars, friendships and experiences. 

Your story may be much different from mine. You may be a person who was born into what most people consider a wealthy lifestyle, but your internal mental blocks exist around relationships. You may be someone who is interested in learning more about the law of attraction or finding someone to partner with you to build you creation skills. Whoever you are, there's something here for you. If you want one-on-one co-creation, book a consultation with me and let's enjoy the process together. 

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