Simara James is a mother of two, certified law of attraction and  REBT coach, NLP Practitioner, author, podcast host and flexible work expert looking to improve the lives of people across the globe by sharing tips to creating more balance and design a life that's full of fulfillment. She's become a consistent creator using simple tools that work for busy people. 

Your power to create is limitless, You can regain control of your life and gain access to things you've only dreamed of.

What is Conscious Creation?

You are a natural born creator. Made in the image of the ultimate creator. All of your experiences are reflections of thousands of thoughts and beliefs running through your subconscious and conscious mind all day long. Even the way you are experiencing the people around you is a creation all your own. As a conscious creator, you understand and continuously work to master the ins and outs of your natural creative process. You learn to direct your thoughts in a way that brings the things you desire into your life. 

What is Conscious Creation Coaching?

My coaching method is simple. I've collected a myriad of proven tools that help transform mindset and belief systems by retraining automatic thought processes. I dig into my toolbox on a regular basis to get results in my own life. A coaching relationship is simply me assisting you in identifying blocks in belief systems and thought processes that are keeping you from realizing your goals and dreams. I then offer you powerful tools to remove those blocks and catapult yourself into more joyful and fulfilling experiences and successful manifestations. Using my training and personal experience in Law of Attraction coaching, REBT Mindset Coaching, and NLP techniques, I walk with you through the process of trial and error and challenge you to see things in ways you may never have considered to help you experience things you've never experienced. It's truly a privilege to do work that transforms lives. 

Who Can I Help?

I love helping anyone who has discovered that they have the ability to impact their experience through changing their mindset and is looking for accountability and someone who can help them strengthen their ability to make important changes in their lives. I especially love coming alongside those who are experiencing spiritual awakenings and are looking to connect with someone who can assist with navigating the process. I also love helping those who are experiencing some success with intentional manifesting and conscious creation, but are looking for more consistent results. 


11 Stages of the Spiritual Awakening Process

Spiritual journeys are different for every soul. In my consultations with clients and general observation of people around me, I have noticed a pretty consistent pattern for many. Below are 11 basic stages of spiritual awakening people commonly go through. Keep in mind that sometimes we can move back and forth through these phases and the path is never linear, but most can probably relate to several, if not all, of the experiences described below. Wherever you are on your journey, take comfort in knowing that it's ALL for the advancement of your soul. Frustration/Dis-ease – Life isn't turning out the way you were promised by religion, by the media, by your upbringing. You may have achieved

Losing Friends on Your Self-Love/Spiritual Awakening Journey

One of the most difficult things about going through a spiritual transformation or any transformation really, is the way it disturbs your personal relationships. Think about it...most of the people in your life you like for certain reasons. You may have a friend you share certain hobbies with or a friend you can always complain about life with. You might have friends you like to go drinking with or travel with or any number of things. If that friend all of a sudden drastically changed an aspect of themselves that you were comfortable with, you'd have to adjust. You'd have to redefine the friendship and evaluate whether it was serving you anymore. When we are going through spiritual transform

Manifestation - Scripting Success Stories

The entire point of any manifestation technique is to get control of the mental state in such a way that the subconscious mind is impacted in a way that it brings about the desired outcome. In my coaching practice, I have a list of over a dozen different effective methods that can be used for this purpose. See them here. A conscious creator can use any and/or all of these methods depending on what works for them. Whatever is effective IS the best method for you. In my case, scripting happens to be the most effective manifestation method. It's the one way I can stop all other distracting thoughts and focus in on my specific desire. Watch my video below to hear two of my personal success stori

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