Simara James is a mother of two, certified law of attraction and  REBT coach, NLP Practitioner, author, podcast host and flexible work expert looking to improve the lives of people across the globe by sharing tips to creating more balance and design a life that's full of fulfillment. She's become a consistent creator using simple tools that work for busy people. 

Your power to create is limitless, You can regain control of your life and gain access to things you've only dreamed of.

What is Conscious Creation?

You are a natural born creator. Made in the image of the ultimate creator. All of your experiences are reflections of thousands of thoughts and beliefs running through your subconscious and conscious mind all day long. Even the way you are experiencing the people around you is a creation all your own. As a conscious creator, you understand and continuously work to master the ins and outs of your natural creative process. You learn to direct your thoughts in a way that brings the things you desire into your life. 

What is Conscious Creation Coaching?

My coaching method is simple. I've collected a myriad of proven tools that help transform mindset and belief systems by retraining automatic thought processes. I dig into my toolbox on a regular basis to get results in my own life. A coaching relationship is simply me assisting you in identifying blocks in belief systems and thought processes that are keeping you from realizing your goals and dreams. I then offer you powerful tools to remove those blocks and catapult yourself into more joyful and fulfilling experiences and successful manifestations. Using my training and personal experience in Law of Attraction coaching, REBT Mindset Coaching, and NLP techniques, I walk with you through the process of trial and error and challenge you to see things in ways you may never have considered to help you experience things you've never experienced. It's truly a privilege to do work that transforms lives. 

Who Can I Help?

I love helping anyone who has discovered that they have the ability to impact their experience through changing their mindset and is looking for accountability and someone who can help them strengthen their ability to make important changes in their lives. I especially love coming alongside those who are experiencing spiritual awakenings and are looking to connect with someone who can assist with navigating the process. I also love helping those who are experiencing some success with intentional manifesting and conscious creation, but are looking for more consistent results. 


January 28, 2019

Happiness is the most important thing we can seek out each day and in each moment and this is why. 

There are certain things that are monumentally important that we as a society have chosen to trivialize calling them superficial, even demonizing them. We really have to...

January 24, 2019

Last year I purchased a planner called "The Law of Attraction Planner" and it transformed the way I set and achieved my goals for the year. I went from looking back on my new years resolutions and laughing to executing on 90% of my goals. See my adapted 7 step process...

January 21, 2019

As a professional who has worked from home in some capacity since 2007, these are my top 3 recommended  work from home job websites.

The most frustrating thing about looking for work at home opportunities is wasting time clicking on those waste your time opportunities d...

October 12, 2018

The fact that there are no structured programs in place for most states with regard to telework is the biggest challenge that employers face when considering whether to implement a formal remote work program. Most companies have informal policies that can vary greatly...

October 3, 2018

Early in our careers we are spoiled with so many opportunities to meet new professional contacts all the time. As we prepare to graduate from college, we're surrounded by peers with similar ambitions. We almost can't help but develop organic relationships with professo...

July 17, 2018

Although remote work agreements have become increasingly common, formal guidelines at the state level have been slow to catch up. On a federal level, things are a lot more least for government agencies and employees. In 2010 the US Government enacted th...

July 12, 2018

The possibilities are endless when it comes to how you and your employer agree to structure your remote work schedule. Once you take all of the necessary ingredients (The percentage of your work that can be completed remotely, company policies, state policies, employer...

July 10, 2018

Taking a good look at how your tasks are performed and creating an in-depth break down will be helpful initially for determining whether remote work is a possibility for you and down the line for determining which type of schedule allows you to maximize your performanc...

March 24, 2018

When most of us think of working remotely, we imagine that being home will provide so much relief from the stress of waking up early, getting dressed and battling traffic, that we will surely be motivated to open up those laptops and be more productive than ever. The t...

March 16, 2018

For those of us born after 1950, a typical work day in corporate America has pretty much consisted of getting dressed in office appropriate clothing, getting in our cars, and commuting to a branded office building usually surrounded by other branded office buildings in...

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