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Manifestation Tools

Law of attraction planner.jpg

A planner to manifest your highest goals and aspirations. As seen on tiktok.

Create Your Life Journal.jpg

Journal full of affirmations and space to document your manifestation journey and script the life you want. As seen on tiktok. 

Annotation 2020-06-02 195641.jpg

A guide to help change your mindset to move toward the life you want. 

Health & Wellness

Keto Friendly

Helps the condition of the skin and tastes great. Dissolves well in liquids. 

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Assists with sinuses and has been said to reduce fibroids. 

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boosts antibody count, promotes weight loss, and supports the body in fighting cancer and other diseases

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This is not currently available on amazon but can be purchased from Sunshine's Vegan Restaurant in Houston

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Fashion/Workout Gear

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