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Simara James is a mother of two, mindfulness coach and consultant, author, podcast host and flexible work expert looking to improve the lives of women across the globe by sharing tips to creating more balance and design a live that's full of fulfillment. 

Is Karma Real?

Does Karma really exist?

One of my popular videos on my YouTube channel is called "Is Karma Real". So, is it real? The short answer is, it's as real as you believe it is, but only for you.

Karma is often met with either fear of passion. Fear if a person feels they've done something that warrants some sort of punishment and passion if someone feels they've been wronged in some way and they feel helpless to bring what they perceive as balance to a situation by "punishing" the wrongdoer. It's a very popular concept that's even been used in a religious sense because it's human nature to want things to be balanced in a way that WE see as appropriate. This thinking falls apart for two big reasons just to name a few:

  1. Human beings are incredibly short-sighted - we simply cannot see all of the factors that play into a situation. We're not designed to be able to see and know all things at once. This makes it impossible for us to even conceive of the perfectly balanced outcome in any situation.

  2. Human beings have a particularly stubborn blind-spot when it comes to their own behavior and associated motivations - it's very easy for us to identify where others have gone wrong, but incredibly difficult to see our own shortcomings. The only way we usually even become aware that others feel harmed by us is when we suffer some sort of consequence AND have it brought to our attention by someone we will actually listen to. In some cases even when we intentionally harm others, it's because we are convinced that our behavior is justified.

So really, who is qualified to determine what Karma is appropriate?

Keeping those things in mind, even if an outcome is perfectly and divinely balanced, we wouldn't be able to perceive it. It would be beyond our comprehension.

So what are we seeing when we see a so called "evil" person get punished or a so-called "good" person get a reward for their behavior? We are seeing one of two things here:

Simple cause and effect

There are laws in place that are always true in this reality and there are other laws that we create and enforce. Sometimes, someone simply puts one of these laws into motion and experiences a direct result. For example, if someone speeds past a cop, they will likely get a ticket. Is that bad Karma? No, it's just cause and effect. Or someone may make a good grade in school for putting a lot of effort into a project. That's just what happens when you play the game in front of you and there's someone there to provide a reward or a punishment. These laws can be broken, followed, enforced, etc... no matter what a person has done in their past.

The result of the number one universal law - All is Mental

Another type of universal law that may create what looks like Karma is that all is mental. Although we have limited perception as human beings, we have UNLIMITED power to create what we imagine both consciously and subconsciously and this happens whether we are aware that we are doing it or not. If someone has the belief that if they wish harm on another, harm will come to them, it becomes true....for them. If someone truly believes that if they pay their tithes, they'll be rich, it becomes true for them. Your experience will be whatever you believe the consequence of your actions will be deep down in your subconscious mind.

The reason why it may look like we have a collective understanding of karma is because most of us are taught the same golden rule and code of conduct from a very young age. Once we open our minds to the reality that we live in a quantum realm and multiple possibilities exist at the same time in every moment, which means that we can always choose our path, we can break free from the rules we have created for ourselves.

On one hand, the freedom seems scary. It seems that if people learned that they don't have to suffer for wrong doing, they would do wrong all the time and may choose to harm others. In fact, we see lots of examples of people who have no concept of karma and hurt others without remorse. We have started calling these people narcissists and sociopaths and some of us spend our lives focused on these people getting what they "deserve". So mush so that we are unable to focus on ourselves and creating new experiences that we enjoy (which, ironically, is the best revenge).

The flip side of this is that those of us who discover our power, no longer feel the need to defend ourselves or get revenge on or control another person. Much of that behavior comes from feelings of powerlessness and a lack of understanding of what we are capable of. My belief is that if we all understood that the possibilities are endless for us and there is nothing we need to fear, we would become the most loving beings we could possibly be. We'd have no need or desire to harm anyone because we could manifest whatever we desire.

A lot of people are terrified to let go of the idea of karma. In their feelings of powerlessness, they want to believe that there is an invisible force that goes around punishing people who have done something they see as wrong. They think that if Karma doesn't exist, they are left completely powerless with no back up from the spiritual world. I'm here to tell you that the universe is already perfectly balanced and everything that is playing out, which is the result of our own imaginations, is the outcome of an already balanced reality meant to remind us that we are made in the image of God and that we are powerful creators. In my opinion and experience, having a desperate need for Karma to be real is a sign that we haven't fully discovered our power and once we do, a whole new realm of possibilities will open up.

True Karma is the perfect balance that is created as WE create our own realities and life mirrors back to us what is happening in our inner world. As above, so below. As within, so without. As reality acts as a mirror for us and we awaken to the truth that we created our experience, our souls are able to learn valuable lessons that add depth and beauty to our journey.

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