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Do surveys for money [sasj58]

5 seconds ago. Were you asking yourself how to make money online? Paid surveys are one of the simplest ways to achieve this goal. however beware because some survey sites are not legitimate. You can find a lot of survey websites on the Internet, but only a small part of them is top notch. I want to show you how to stay away from scam survey websites, and how to find the real websites that pay well. The crucial thing is to know that the real websites are absolutely free. When you discover a website which requires a payment there is a high probability that it is scam.

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How much cash will I earn?

Is it possible to make $10000 or $5000 a month? It's not impossible, however it's very difficult to make this kind of money. Let me explain typically you'll receive $5-$20 per completed survey. In some cases less or more (very short or long surveys). To make more money you must complete more online surveys. So we have 2 essential aspects (cash paid per completed survey, and number of completed surveys). Time to do mathematics... If you want to make $900 cash per month you must do 3 $10 surveys per day multiplied by 30 days. How to do it? There is one problem - each survey website is sending a limited amount of surveys monthly. There is also a solution - register on a lot of sites. The more survey websites you sign up, the more surveys you will receive. Remember about this, it's essential to make good income from online surveys. Imagine when you will create profiles on a lot of survey sites and finish all surveys they send you will make tons of cash taking surveys for money.

What's the deal?

Why organizations are offering surveys? Because they need to understand the viewpoint of their customers. It will help them to figure out how to improve and promote their products. Be aware that huge organizations are willing to spend lots of cash for promotional campaigns. Paying a few bucks to get a correct market research is quite cost-effective to them.


It's very important to sign up to multiple survey sites. The more sites you register, the more surveys you will receive. So remember if you want to get a lot of surveys it's essential to register on many sites. If you create only one profile on one site you will be unhappy due to insufficient number of surveys to complete.

Make sure you check your inbox frequently. You don't want to miss new survey invitations. Each survey needs a limited number of participants. After limit is reached, no new people can join. So don't forget to complete all surveys you get as fast as possible.

Don't cheat! Be truthful when doing surveys, they can ban your account if you are giving false information. It's important to be fair, so don't check random checkboxes because you can lose your account and your money. Read all the questions carefully, answer them, and you will be all right.

Sometimes legitimate messages are marked as spam and not going into inbox. So look from time to time into your spam folder. It's possible that several survey invitations will be going into spam, simply because spam filtration system is to restrictive.

Make sure that you have filled all fields in your profile. Survey companies are using data from your profile to match surveys to you. So remember to fill age, sex, location, and other things. Interests / hobbies are also very important, check as many as you can. The better filled your profile is, the more surveys you will receive.

Auto form filler is a software that automates password entering and form filling. It will save your time and energy. When signing up on a new website use this software, it will fill fields like name, email, address etc. on auto-pilot. When signing in the program will fill username, password and login for you.

Many websites require that users confirm their email addresses before account activation. They are sending an email with confirmation link after registration, so do not overlook it. You must click the verification hyperlink from the email to finish your registration.

The survey companies are rewarding users that are regularly completing surveys by sending them invitations to more and better paid surveys. So remember to complete all surveys you receive, and make sure you give your very best. Survey websites will notice your dedication.

Remember to update your PC. Majority of survey sites need Java and Flash installed on your machine. Keep this software updated. You shouldn't also forget about updating your operating system and browser.

The big companies need to improve constantly their products and marketing. It's the only way to survive on modern market. To do it they need to understand what is the viewpoint of their customers. Your opinion is very valuable for them, that's why they are offering you paid surveys. When completing surveys you are helping them.

Survey companies often send a short survey to new users after registration. Remember to finish it because they require it to accomplish your profile. This information will help them to match surveys to you (and you will receive more better surveys).

Ensure that your contact data is not outdated or incorrect. This is very important, because survey companies need this info to know where to deliver your money or gifts. Remember and don't forget about it.

Do I qualify for paid survey opportunities?

Almost everyone can take surveys for money. There are no limitations concerning gender, profession, religion etc. It's not important if you are a housewife or carpenter, survey companies need data from many different people in many different demographic groups.